Creating the Ultimate Girl Power Playlist


Creating the Ultimate Girl Power Playlist

In honor of International Women's Day 2019, I will be suggesting songs to create the "Ultimate Girl Power Playlist". 

Music is a big part of our daily lives, we hear music all around us. If you're anything like me you a blast music whenever you have the chance. I personally am obsessed with creating playlists you should see my Spotify it's flooded with playlists for every mood. Girl Power is defined as an attitude of independence, confidence and empowerment amongst women and in my opinion Girl Power is it's own mood. It's a mood I feel everyday, so I thought I would share with all you lovely ladies my ultimate guide for creating playlists and my Girl Power song recommendations. 


Creating a Playlist Step 1: Decide what music platform you are going to use. I personally use Spotify, and sometimes I will make a playlist with the downloaded music on my phone in case I ever don't have internet connection. If you don't want to spend money for Spotify Premium or to purchase music on your phone another great option is Youtube. 


Creating a Playlist Step 2: Decide what the purpose of your playlist is. In this case the purpose is to create a playlist of Girl Power songs but if you want to be specific you can narrow it down to upbeat Girl Power songs, slow more inspiring Girl Power songs or even Girl Power songs that are perfect for karaoke night with your girls. 


Creating a Playlist Step 3: On most music platforms you can add cover art to your playlist. This step is of course completely optional, but I really enjoy doing this. Your cover art can pretty much be any image; an image from google, the digital version of something you drew yourself or even a collage made on Photoshop. 


Creating a Playlist Step 4: The last and most important step is to select the music for your playlist. This usually starts by choosing a mood or general theme for your playlist in this case it would be Girl Power. You can even make it more specific and opt for upbeat Girl Power songs that are perfect for Karaoke night with your besties or decide to choose more slow inspirational Girl Power songs. Below are some of my recommendations for Girl Power songs. 


Song Recommendations:


Run the World Girls- By: Beyonce 

This song has an awesome beat and is the literal definition of a Girl Power song. Plus it totally serves as a reminder of who runs the world... girls (duh!). 


Warrior- By: ChloexHalle 

This song is a good mix between upbeat and inspirational. It will definitely put a smile on anyone's face and bring out the inner warrior inside every girl. 


Scars to Your Beautiful- By: Alessia Cara 

If you're going for more of an inspirational vibe this song is perfect. It's a reminder that we are all beautiful. 


Ain't Your Mama- By: Jennifer Lopez 

This is more of a fun song, for when the man in your life is treating you more like his mom (who totally deserves to be treated better) than the powerful woman that you are. 


Girls Like You- By: Maroon 5 

Even though this song isn't by a female artist I decided to allow it on the list because the music video for this song features a ton of amazing inspirational women. Not to mention Cardi B talk rapping about not needing a white horse and a carriage and instead needing white Porsches and karats is literally everything. 


Now that I've started you with a great list of Girl Power songs and a complete guide with the steps you'll need to go create your playlist... What are you waiting for? Go create your Girl Power playlist and jam to it with your favorite women this International Woman's Day.