20 Facts About My Youtube Channel


20 Facts About My Youtube Channel

On Friday June 28th it will be the 1 year anniversary of my Youtube Channel. In honor of that I decided to share with you 20  facts about my Youtube Channel. 

1. Every sit down video you see on my channel is filmed on my MacBook Pro. 


2.Most of my vlogs are filmed on my iPhone, however my very first vlogs include footage that was filmed on my iPod touch. 


3. As of the time I am writing this I have 83 videos on my channel, however by my actual channel anniversary I should have 87 videos uploaded. 


4. My first official video was the Bestie Picks My Outfit Challenge and was filmed on June 27, 2018 and uploaded the next day.


5. My channel anniversary also happens to be my birthday.


6. My Youtube channel is part of Kennedy C Media, which as of this moment also includes my blog kennedycblog.com and podcast Simply Kennedy. (More projects coming soon)


6. There are only two videos on my channel where I do not appear. The first video is called "Riza Takes Over My Channel" and my sister Riza took over the channel, because I had the flu and couldn't film but I had promised a new video every day in December. The second video is the one that was uploaded today and is a special video that Riza planned with clips of my family congratulating me for my channel anniversary.


7. There are two reoccurring segments on my channel the first one is Riza's Weekly Minute which airs every Sunday. The second one is Beauty on a Budget which airs almost every Wednesday.


8. I have had various guest on my channel including; Riza, Ana Marcela, My Uncle Mark. Brief cameos by my entire family and surprise guest appearance by my baby cousin Mila.


9. The guest who have made the most appearances are Ana Marcela who has been in a total of 12 videos and Riza who has been in a total of 15 videos.


10. My most viewed video is the "Hunger Games 10th Anniversary Boxed Set Review" with 552 views at the time I am writing this.


11. If you look closely at my channel trailer there is footage from some never before seen videos that I filmed, but ultimately decided not to upload.


12. My longest video is "My Experience at South Texas Comic Con Part 1" and it is 31 min and 05 seconds.


13. My shortest video is "Riza's Weekly Minute: Father's Day" (not including channel trailers or other promotional videos) at 2 minutes and 48 seconds. 


14. I currently use iMovie to edit all my videos. 


15. My intro has been the same since my first video and includes my favorite color (purple) as well a my signature kiss which is featured here on my blog as well. 


16. During December I uploaded a new video every day and called it Winter of Videos or December of Videos and so far during June I have uploaded a new video every day as well to celebrate my one year channel anniversary and birthday. 


17. Starting June 21 and ending on June 28, I've been celebrating It's My Party Week on my channel, a week long party on my channel including some very special videos. 


18. I have mentioned this before in some videos, but although I love filming all the videos for my channel my favorite kind of video to film is vlogs because they can be unexpected and because it is a good way of capturing memories. 


19. After seeing Riza make pretend Youtube videos at home for fun I thought making videos was really cool and was inspired to start my channel. I was also inspired to start a Youtube channel because I've always been a big fan of Youtubers like Amanda Steele and Michelle Phan and even newer Youtubers like Safiya Nygaard, NikkieTutorials, Yes Theory, Niki and Gabi and Brizzy Voices. 


20. After one year of creating Youtube videos I am more inspired now more than ever to continue to create quality content for my viewers. I have lots of upcoming surprises and improvements that I will be making this summer, and I can't wait for many more years on Youtube.