A Day In The Life At Kennedy C Media


A Day In The Life At Kennedy C Media

Over the past year I've been fortunate enough to build up an audience on my podcast, Youtube channel and here on my blog. Many people see the results of my work, but very few understand what really goes into Kennedy C Media. I thought it would be fun to share what a typical day in the life at Kennedy C Media is like. 

The Kennedy C Media typically goes from 11:00a.m. until about 4;00p.m.  Prior to 11 I don't feel like working and after 4 I generally have places to be or am spending time with my family. Even though there is a general formula to each day, no two days are exactly the same. Some days start closer to noon or one and other days end around two or three, although I do prefer to put in as much time as I can each day to Kennedy C Media. So what is a day at Kennedy C Media really like: 


Hour 1: I decided to list "hours" rather than specific times since this can vary each day. The first hour is generally pretty slow, and mostly consists of me trying to figure out what needs to get done during the day. I start my work day by checking my emails and opening any mail I might have. Today for example I had received a package (of more merch?... perhaps) so I opened that up. On Monday's I'll generally use this time to plan my upload schedule for the week and decide what needs to be filmed, recorded or edited during the rest of the week. Any left over time during this hour I'll use to check the stats on my latest Youtube videos and podcast episodes. Generally this consists of checking how many views or listens the latest content has compared the week before.  


Hour 2: On day when I am filming or recording this hour is for preparing and setting up for the video or podcast episode. For a Youtube video preparation consists of getting myself ready for a video by putting on makeup and whatever I'll be wearing in the video, setting up my backdrop if necessary and preparing any items I'll need in the video such as products I'm reviewing or dry erase boards for a challenge. For an episode of my podcast preparation consists of setting up my microphone, doing a sound test and pre-recording any advertisements from new sponsors prior to recording the episode. On days like today when I'm not filming several things happen during this hour; I do more in depth preparation for upcoming videos or podcast episodes, I photograph merch, I write a blog post or take care of other small details like cover art for the next episode of the podcast and a special intro for special videos like "It's My Party Week" and "Winter of Videos" 


Hour 3: On days when I'm filming or recording this is the time when I'll film a video or an episode of my podcast and immediately after I'll edit the video or podcast episode. I'm quite speedy and try to not to make too many mistakes so filming or recording, editing and uploading can usually happen in more or less one hour. On days when I am not filming I'll use this time to take care of other tasks such as ordering new samples of new merch, purchasing items for upcoming videos, budgeting the money I've made from patreon or Anchor listener support and researching for the next episode of my podcast. 


Hour 4: During this hour I'll send and reply to emails. This might not sound like much but it can be quite time consuming. I email brands about potential partnerships or social media campaigns, other content creators about potential collabs and the platforms that host Simply Kennedy for various reasons. Every time I email a brand, content creator or platform I'm basically selling Kennedy C Media to them so I need to be thoughtful about what I am sending. During this time I'll also post on the Kennedy C Media Facebook page, I pay close attention to make sure that the link to every blog post, Youtube video and podcast episode (on every platform) is posted because otherwise I run the risk of people not seeing the content I create. I also post other updates, giveaways or posts about Kennedy C Media. 


Hour 5: This is generally a slow hour and at this point I'm almost done with my work for the day. At this time I wrap up for the day. Sometimes I get ahead on editing a video and most days I use this time to prepare for the upcoming media projects that will soon be part of Kennedy C Media. On rare occasions I'll pre-film a Youtube video during this time if I know I'm going to be too busy to film later during the week. Some days I'll also have meetings during this time either with Riza to make preparations for Riza's Weekly Minute or with potential podcast guests to schedule their appearance and discuss our ideas. 


In general this is what a typical day at Kennedy C Media is like. I hope you enjoyed getting to dive deeper into what a day at Kennedy C Media is like, and I'd love to share more behind the scenes information about Kennedy C Media any time!