Welcome to my Blog!
Simply Kennedy!

Thank you for visiting my blog! my name is Kennedy and here on my blog I write about Beauty, Fashion, Girl Power and Much More! I'm so excited that you're here and I can't wait for you to read the blog posts that I create! 


I've always been passionate about makeup, fashion and beauty in general. On my Beauty/Fashion page I'll review the latest products, write about new fashion or makeup trends, post discount codes for my fave stores and more! 

Girl Power

I decided to create this page, because I want girls to know they can do anything. As a girl who reads comic books I always hear that "Girls shouldn't read comics" "Comics are for boys" or worst of all "Girls can't be superheroes" I'm hoping my Girl Power page will prove that girls can read comic books, be superheroes, be athletes, be politicians, scientists or anything else they want to be. On this page you'll find motivational and inspirational blog posts about the power of being a girl. 


The "Other" page is where I will write about things that don't fall into the Beauty/Fashion or Girl Power category. These blog posts will be about random topics and range from things like movie reviews and Netflix recommendations to random stories about my life and even college advice. 

Youtube Videos 

Whenever I'm not writing for my blog I also have a youtube channel called "Kennedy Castillo" (original I know). I upload videos at least once a week, I'd really appreciate your support to please click below to visit my channel and subscribe! 

Simply Kennedy Podcast

When I'm not writing for my blog or filming Youtube Videos I also have my own podcast. My podcast is called Simply Kennedy and I basically talk about anything related to pop culture. It's available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Anchor. I'd really appreciate it if you listened to my latest episodes!