My Complete Skincare Routine


My Complete Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine:

For as long as I can remember friends and even strangers have complimented on how clear my skin is and even questioned why I use foundation. I'm constantly being asked about "the secret to my clear skin" and the truth is I've never had a "secret", for years my skincare routine basically consisted of a daily washing or two of my face. As I get older at almost twenty years old I decided I needed to create a solid skincare routine, not because I have acne or any real problems with my skin but more to prevent ever having problems. After trying many products and different steps, I finally came up with a solid skincare routine that I think suits my skin. 


I wanted to share my skincare routine for people who also want to create a skincare routine, but don't know where to start. The problem areas I've noticed are dryness all over my face that can sometimes be so dry makeup will look patchy in those areas and redness around my nose and cheek area. My routine is specifically tailored for my skincare needs so if you're someone with oily skin and acne you should probably look into products that suit your skin, luckily for you most of the products I use come in different formulas for different skin needs. My routine consists of different steps that take place throughout different times of the day, so the steps will be in a chronological order, but don't let the amount of steps scare you the whole routine takes a maximum of ten minutes (aside from optional steps that I only do sometimes) out of my day. 




Step 1: Wash my face with the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Cream to Foam Facial Cleanser. Even though this product is made for people with acne prone skin I like it because it is deep cleaning. The only flaw with this product is that it can be drying, and my skin is naturally already dry. The only reason I'm able to use this cleanser is because the rest of my routine (throughout the day) is so moisturizing it cancels out the dryness from this product. If I feel like using a cleanser that isn't so drying I'll use the Clean & Clear Morning Burst, which I also really like. 


Step 2: I apply the Fourth Ray Beauty Matcha Milk to my face. This product is both moisturizing and energizing. I apply the product to my face using the dropper, and then use my Rose Quartz Roller also from Fourth Ray Beauty to help rub the product in. The roller also tightens skin and is super cooling on the face (even without refrigerating) which is a great morning pick me up. 


Step 3: I spray the Fresh AF mist from Fourth Ray Beauty over my face. This spray wakes me up, is energizing and brightens the complexion. 


Step 4: Before applying my makeup I use the Mary Kay Primer Sunscreen with SPF 15. I'm very light skinned so I worry about sunburn or sun damage, and I've recently started using this problem. I apply it under my makeup like any other primer and it helps me protect my skin from the sun all day. 


Step 5: A lot of people forget about protecting their lips but it's really important to take care of your lips to, so a few minutes before applying lipstick or lip gloss (depending on my mood) I apply the Mary Kay Sun Care Lip Protector Sunscreen with SPF 15. This is also really smooth so it works like a chapstick and sunscreen in one. 


Throughout the Day- 


Optional Step 1: Even though may skin is generally very dry sometimes my makeup can result in my nose, eyelid and forehead area looking shiny, so I use the Mary Kay oil blotting sheets to blot off the shine. Truthfully I think any brand of oil blotting sheets will do the job I just use the Mary Kay ones because someone gave them to me. 


Optional Step 2: This step is generally for times when I am not wearing makeup. During those times I like to spray the Fourth Ray Beauty Fresh AF Mist on my face again or alternatively I'll use the Mario Badescu Rose Water instead. This helps my face to not look so dull and lifeless without makeup. 


Night Time-


Step 1: Wash my face in the shower using either the same Neutrogena cleanser as before or the Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Cleanser. This step is pretty self explanatory and it's part 1/3 of getting all my makeup to come off (full coverage makeup girls know the struggle). 


Step 2: I use the Neutrogena makeup removing wipes to remove my makeup. Generally one wipe is more than enough but if I'm wearing a full glam look I'll use two makeup wipes. Even if I skip every other step this is the one step I will never skip. I am the kind of person who must remove my makeup before bed no matter what. It's so important because leaving makeup on overnight can be so damaging. 


Step 3: I apply the Mamonde Rose Water Toner using a cotton round. This toner literally removes every spec of dirt and any skin toxin from my skin. This is probably my favorite step in my entire skincare routine, because I can visibly see the dirt being removed from my skin and it is so satisfying. 


Step 4: Using my hands I apply the Innis Free Green Tea Seed Serum, I warm the product in my hands a little bit and then I pat it into my entire face making sure not to ignore my neck. This serum preps the skin for moisturizer, although it is super hydrating alone and smells amazing too. 


Step 5: I moisturize my face using the Laneige Water Bank Cream. I like this moisturizer because it's not too runny or liquid to use after the serum it is thicker like a cream but not too thick. The consistency is just perfect and it provides the perfect amount of moisture. I enjoy putting on lots of moisture products at night so they can soak into my skin and I can have smooth skin in the morning when I wake up. 


Step 6: My under eye area can get quite dry so I use the SAEM Iceland Hydrating Eye Stick. The product is in the form of a stick so I swipe it over my under eye area once and my eyes are good to go. Aside from providing extra hydration to an area of my face that I might miss with other products it also helps with puffiness and dark circles which I have both of.  


Step 7: I apply the ELF Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator to my lips. I like this product more than some other lip scrubs I've tried, because it is the form of a lipstick so you don't have to scoop the product out with your fingers plus it makes your lips super soft without cutting your lips. It's edible but the taste isn't overly strong like some other lip scrubs (you can also just wipe it off). Other lip scrubs I like though are the LUSH Cosmetics one and the Bite Beauty one. 


Optional Step: I use a biore pore strip, I prefer the charcoal ones but occasionally I'll use the normal ones. I wouldn't recommend this for every day use or frequent use at all, because that can become damaging but every once and a while these do a good job of removing blackheads. I'd probably do this step after toner and before essence though. 


Optional Step: A face mask is always super nice for self-care purposes. I like sheet masks a lot one of my favorite is the Innis Free sheet mask (K-Beauty products are the best!). There are lots of other great masks on the market too like the Bliss Overnight mask, which I love to use because my face looks super bright when I wake up. In general I try to do a mask once or twice a week, even though that doesn't always happen. The great thing about masks is they're super affordable, come in many forms (sheet mask, peel off mask, overnight mask, etc.) and can target any skin problems you might have. 


Optional Step: Applying the Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask to my lips. This product comes in the form of a lip balm, you scoop it out and apply it. Whenever I feel like my lips are super dry from being in the sun too long or a very dry liquid lip I apply this before bed and when I wake up my lips feel super smooth. 


That's my full skincare routine! I really recommend creating a personalized skincare routine for yourself and your skincare needs. If you're someone who cannot commit to a routine I'd recommend trying to use at least a cleanser, sunscreen, toner and moisturizer if possible. K-Beauty brands like Laneige and SAEM are also a good option for beginners, because the products are made for a variety of skin types and are often very affordable. I've personally purchased skincare products from Kollection K in the past, they have a lot to choose from at great prices and they also offer a lot of samples so you can experiment with which products work best for you (not sponsored I promise!). 


I hope you likes my routine, and best wishes in your skincare routine and finding the products for your skin!