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Margot Robbie's Barbie Inspired Fashion


Margot Robbie's Barbie Inspired Fashion


Promotion for the Barbie movie started earlier this year Cinema Con. For the event Margot took inspiration from the Barbie the movie Barbie that is on sale now. She wore a pink gingham pattern just like her doll. The doll features a more classic 50's inspired dress, but Margot updated the outfit and opted for a two piece crop top and skirt set. The doll itself is wearing Mattel brand, but Margot's set is Prada. 



The first stop on the official press tour for the movie was Seoul, Korea. While doing press in Korea, Margot took inspiration from the 1964 Sparkling Pink Barbie. She wore a skirt and jacket set similar to the one the doll wore as well as headpiece that is almost identical to the one worn by the doll. It would be impossible to re-create the Sparkling Pink Barbie without wearing some sparkle, and she did just that keeping the sparkly beading that the doll wore. She upgraded the look with a brighter pink color that was bold and perfect for the summer. She also modernized the look a bit by shortening the skirt and pairing it with a crop top. Margot's look wasn't made by Mattel but rather the iconic whimsical brand Moschino and her jewelry was from Tiffany and Co. 




For the premiere of the movie in Seoul, Margot took inspiration from the 1985 Day to Night Barbie. Just like the doll herself, Margot wore two different looks that are perfect for day to night. Barbie is known for being a career woman so for the daytime look both the doll and Margot donned a pink suit complete with hat, phone and purse. For the nighttime look Margot re-created the doll's look with a sparkly bodice and tulle skirt. Both looks are so classic Barbie and such fun looks for the red carpet. Margot's nighttime look was made by Versace. 




The next stop on the press tour was Mexico City, there Margot took inspiration from the Totally Hair 25th Anniversary Doll. She wore a dress with a very similar psychedelic pattern as the one the doll originally wore. She nailed the look right down to the accessories, wearing hot pink earrings similar to the ones the doll wore. Margot's hair might not have been quite as long as the hair we see on the doll, but she did mimics the wavy hairstyle the doll wore. 




For the premiere of the movie in Mexico City, Margot re-created Earring Magic Barbie's 1993 look. She wore a hot pink mini dress with a chain belt complete with stars, that was almost identical to the one the doll wore. Of course it wouldn't be Earring Magic Barbie without some big earrings. Margot's earrings might not have been quite as big as the ones the doll wears, but they still made a statement. Just like the earrings the doll wears Margot's earrings also featured big silver stars. 




While doing press for the movie Margot took inspiration from a newer Barbie doll, the 2015 Pink and Fabulous Barbie. She added a twist to the pink polka dot look by adding a midriff cutout to the dress. She didn't miss a single detail, and even accessorized with a yellow purse just like the one the doll has. Her dress is from the fashion haus that basically invented the color pink Valentino. 




For the world premiere of the movie Margot mimicked the Barbie Solo in the Spotlight doll from 1960. Margot's look was a custom black gown from Schiaparelli. Many fans were shocked that she didn't wear pink to the world premiere, but I think this look was the perfect unexpected choice for the premiere, and it definitely made her stand out positively. The gown is very old Hollywood complete with the long gloves. She didn't miss a single detail, the bottom of the dress features a single red rose just like the one the doll wore and she holds a pink hanky just like the one the doll held. It's evident that both Margot and the Solo in the Spotlight Barbie were made for the spotlight.  




Most recently for the premiere of the movie in Europe, Margot took inspiration from the 1960 Enchanted Evening Barbie. She wore a floor length pink Vivienne Westwood gown. Just like the doll her bodice featured a corset and was complete with a white fur around her shoulders. Both Margot and the Enchanted Evening Barbie look glamorous and perfect for any red carpet. 


Little Mermaid (2023) Premiere Best Dressed


Little Mermaid (2023) Premiere Best Dressed

1. Halle Bailey: 



It's not surprise that the Little Mermaid herself, Halle Bailee was one of the best dressed of the night. The film's star opted to wear a metallic blue Valdrin Sahiti gown. The choice to wear blue was perfect for a mermaid, and very reminiscent of the blue dress Ariel wears in the original film. The metallic material created a liquid effect, that mimics water. The strapless gown also features shell shaped cups on the bodice, meant to mimic the shells Ariel wears when she's in her mermaid form. The gown was glamorous and very in style, but it features several subtle  to Ariel.


2. Jodi Benson:



Next on the best dressed is the original Little Mermaid, Jodi Benson. The Disney legend wore  a white gown complete with a long train. While the new Little Mermaid Halle wore a dress reminiscent of Ariel's blue dress, the OG Little Mermaid Jodi wore a dress reminiscent of Ariel's wedding dress. Her gown was elegant, classic and timeless. It was very age appropriate and she definitely embodied an underwater bride. 


3. Chloe Bailey: 


Of course the Little Mermaid (Halle)'s sister was in attendance to show her sisterly support. Chloe proved once again that the Bailey sisters are some of the best dressed at every event. For the premiere she opted to wear a bright yellow dress, that resembles the color of Flounder the fish from the original movie. The fitted gown featured a risqué cutout that added an element of drama to the overall look. It also features crystal embellishments that resemble seashells. Overall the singer was perfectly dressed for the event. 


4. Daveed Diggs:


Diggs who plays the voice of Sebastian the crab in the new movie was another one of the best dressed at the premiere. He opted to wear a two piece suit covered in multi-colored sequins. The pattern of the suit mimics seaweed and the sequins gives an underwater look. It was refreshing to see a man go out of his comfort suit and wear something that isn't just a black suit. His bold fashion choice was a good move, and it definitely paid off.


5. Stephanie Beatriz: 


Ariel wasn't the only Disney Princess in attendance, Stephanie Beatriz the voice of Mirabel (yes she counts as a princess) from Encanto was also in attendance. She stunned in an iridescent light pink strapless hi-low style gown. The gown featured a big bow on the bodice which fanned out into a train. The gown looks like it was made for  the little mermaid herself. Overall the look was elegant, fun and very fitting for the premiere.  


6. Markell Washington: 


Social media sensation Markell Washington, did not hold back when choosing his look for the premiere. He opted for dual-colored black and lavender colored suit. The lavender color was a great choice, and resembles the color of Ariel's tail. The double colored jacket is unique, and very stylist. He kept the look more laid-back by wearing sneakers, which added an element of casualness to the look. Overall the look was bold choice, but it was perfect for the event. 


7. Skai Jackson:


Also in attendance was the young actress Skai Jackson. She wore a long pink gown with multiple cutouts. The cutouts were perfectly placed and gave the effect of a mermaid tail and seashell bra. The long skirt is placed in a way that gives the appearance of a mermaid tail. Meanwhile the positioning of the top paired with the cutouts looks like a mermaid's seashell bra. The pink color was also a great choice for the Spring/Summer season and compliments her skin tone perfectly. 


8. Patrick Starrr: 



The influencer might be known for his makeup skills, but this time it was his dress that stole the show. He definitely channeled his inner Ursula with a purple dress that resembled the color of Ursula's skin in the original film. The bold purple color was eye catching, in the best way. The dress lays ruffles, leather, tulle and a variety of materials to create a whimsical under the sea affect. Of course he is known for his turbans, so he paired the dress with a matching turban that completed the look.


9. Kelly Rowland: 


Spring is the perfect time to experiment with bright colors, and Kelly Rowland did just that for the premiere. She wore a floor length multi-colored gown. The green, blue and pink colors of the dress are fun and playful for the spring. The dress also featured a cutout around her midriff, which once again mimicked a mermaid's seashell bra top, making it perfect for the event. 


10. Offset, Kulture and Kalea: 


Many celebrities attended the premiere with their children, but none were better dressed than Offset and his daughters Kulture and Kalea. The rapper wore a white jacket with pearl detailing and a black armband, which looked like something Michael Jackson would have worn when he was alive. Meanwhile his daughter Kulture who he shares with wife Cardi B wore a black gown with white flower detailing and a tiara perfect for any princess. Kalea who the rapper shares with ex Shya L'amour wore the same gown as her sister, but with inverted colors. Overall all three of them looked like royalty and the coordinating colors, were a sweet family touch. 





As an added bonus here's an extra picture of both Little Mermaids together at the premiere. Halle appears to have changed into a second look this time a sea foam green gown with silver beading and  sheer detailing. Individually Halle and Jodie were already best dressed, but together they stole the show. Not to mention they looked like they were wearing two of Ariel's looks from the original movie (her blue dress and her wedding gown). 




A Controversial Met Gala


A Controversial Met Gala

Everything Pink:




Stars like Viola David, Quannah Chassinghorse, Harvey Guillen, Naomi Campbell and more opted to wear pink to the Met Gala. Lagerfeld once said "Think pink, but don't wear it". He was known for the colors black, white and occasionally red but never pink. Once again I cannot confirm if anyone intentionally wore pink to throw shade at the designer's problematic past, but I can confirm that he would have hated these looks. 






Lagerfeld was known for being fatphobic and once said “No one wants to see curvy women. You’ve got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying thin models are ugly. Fashion is about dreams and illusion.” Not only would Lagerfeld have hated that a plus size superstar like Lizzo was attending the gala, he also would have hated the picture she posted eating fries in her gown before the event. This didn't stop Lizzo from confidently wearing her black gown that was covered in pearls. In fact the star even performed inside the gala.


Pedro Pascal:


At first glance you might have mixed opinions about Pedro Pascal's Met Gala look, but what you might not realize is the irony of how much Karl Lagerfeld would have hated his look. Lagerfeld hated seeing leg hair on men, he preferred knee length socks and pants. He was once quoted saying "I like socks, but only up to the knee. I hate nothing more than when men cross their legs, and you see hairy legs, the worst. The worst!" Pascal definitely didn't care about Lagerfeld's opinion the subject when dressing for the Met Gala. He opted for shorts and calf-length socks that showed off a good portion of his legs including his leg hair. Lagerfeld's opinions about leg hair on men didn't phase Pascal at all as he confidently walked the Met steps. 


Iryna Shayk: 



Even though the model saved the look for the after party rather than the Met Gala itself, there is no doubt Lagerfeld wold have absolutely despised what she wore. Shayk opted for a comfortable after party look, which included sweatpants. In his book 'The World According to Karl' he wrote  "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants." Shayk definitely looked in control of her life and there was not a sign of defeat in sight, despite what Lagerfeld would've thought. She looked absolutely stunning and managed to make sweatpants look high fashion. 





Met Gala After Party 2023 Best Dressed


Met Gala After Party 2023 Best Dressed

1. Jenna Ortega: The Wednesday star channeled her inner Wednesday Adams with her after party look. The look was a twist on the look she wore to the Met Gala. She removed her jacket and skirt for a more after party appropriate look. She also opted to stay on theme for the after party. The bow tie, corset and shoes are all very classic Karl Lagerfeld elements. 



2. Kylie Jenner: The youngest Kardashian Jenner sister was on my worst dressed list for the Met Gala, but her after party look was definitely one of my favorite. Even though her Met Gala look didn't correspond to the theme her after party look managed to tie in the theme perfectly. The top of the bodice is a modern twist on the collared looks Karl Lagerfeld often donned, the gloves were also one of Lagerfeld's signature accessories. The silhouette of the gown itself is very classic Kylie. She was able to combine her personal style with classic Lagerfeld elements for the perfect after party look.



3. Dua Lipa: The gala's co-chair Dua Lipa was one of the best dressed at the event, and I can confirm she was also one of the best dressed at the after party. The singer once again rocked Chanel for the after party. She included pearls, gloves, sunglasses and chain embellishments to her black and white two-piece look, all of which are classic Lagerfeld elements.  The embellishments were a lot without being too much, and the decision to ditch the dress and wear a two-piece look for the after party was a great choice. 



4. JLo: Another star who went from worst dressed at the Met Gala to best dressed at the after party is Jennifer Lopez. She wore a tuxedo inspired shirt, jacket and skirt to the after party.  The purple interior of her jacket added a fun pop of color among the many black and white looks. The tuxedo style shirt was a great way to pay homage to Karl Lagerfeld. The entire look was perfect for an after party, timeless and very age appropriate for JLo. 



5. Cardi B: The rapper donned many looks last night but her after party look was definitely my favorite. She wore a floor length houndstooth gown that mimics Chanel's classic houndstooth suits. The dress was a fun take on the classic two piece suit look. In typical Cardi fashion the dress included a plunging neckline for a risqué twist on a classic look. Her look was different from what everyone else was wearing in the best way. 



6. Cara Delevingne: For decades the model/actress was a close friend of Karl Lagerfeld and one of his muses, so for the after party she paid homage to Lagerfeld by dressing like him. Her look was complete with a white wig meant to mimic Lagerfeld's hair. She wore a black gown with a red interior. She accessorized the dress with a collar, tie and gloves all of which are very classic Karl Lagerfeld accessories. The gown itself could've been considered basic but the styling of the gown and her bold choice to dress as Lagerfeld elevated the look and made her one of the best dressed at the after party. 



7. Olivia Rodrigo: The 'Sour' singer has a history of making best dressed lists and this year's after party was no exception. She ditched the long gown she wore to the Met Gala for a shorter cocktail dress. The highlight of the silver sequin dress was the lace collar and black bow. They added an extra element to the dress that elevated the look and tied in perfectly with the Karl Lagerfeld theme. The look is perfect for any after party it is simple, while still being fashionable and fun. 



8. Margot Robbie: The star of the upcoming 'Barbie' movie was looking like Barbie herself at the after party. She arrived at the after party in a black and white sequin mini dress with a matching black and white purse. The sequins made the look fun and playful. The dress itself could have been too simple but the fun pattern elevated the look and took it from simple to glam. 


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfits


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfits















Swift kicked off the show in a custom sparkly Atelier Versace bodysuit. On night one she wore a pink and blue bodysuit and on night two she wore a blue and gold bodysuit. While wearing this she sang songs from her album 'Lover'. The look was inspired by the pastels and sparkles that the singer was known for wearing during her Lover era. 





She changed into her second look of the night to sing 'The Man' a song that is also from her 'Lover' album. This look was also custom Versace. The look consisted of a sparkly blazer inspired by the blazer she wears in the music video for the song. On night 1 she wore a silver blazer and night 2 she wore a black one. While in this look she also took the opportunity to show off her custom Louboutin boots that are rumored to have a value of $20,000. 







After that the singer took us back in time to her Fearless era, singing classics like 'You Belong with Me' and 'Love Story'. During this era Swift was known for wearing gold so its only fitting that she wear a gold Roberto Cavalli mini dress for this part of the concert. She completed the looks with a sparkly guitar similar to the one she used during the Fearless era. For night two Swift wore another gold dress with silver at the bottom. It featured a similar silhouette as the dress she wore night one, but was definitely a more mature look. 



Next she switched over to the Evermore era. The singer released 'Evermore' in 2020 amidst the pandemic so it was her first time performing it live. For this look she traded sparkles for a more laid back orange dress that was very fitting for the vibe of the album. The dress featured corset detailing and subtle gold embellishments. 



Changing up the tone Swift switched over to her Reputation era. For this era she wore a one sleeved bodysuit reminiscent of the one she wore back in 2018, and very fitting for the era. The bodysuit was black and red, two colors that were very common of Swift during this era. It also featured a snake detailing perfect for the era. 




Once again changing the tone she switched to her Speak Now era. She only sang one song from the era, which is 'Enchanted', but she did manage to switch to a gorgeous ballgown for this song. The ballgown was very reminiscent of the gold Valentino gown she wore during her tour in 2011. On night one she wore a gold Nicole+Felicia Couture ballgown and on night two she wore a pink ballgown. Both ballgowns looked like they were fit for royalty. 



After that she switched to her Red era, with not one but two looks. For the first look she recreated the look from her '22' music video. A sparkly t-shirt with a black bowler hat and black shorts. On night one the shirt read "A lot going on at the moment" and on night 2 the shirt read "Who's Taylor Swift anyway ew". 



For the second Red era look Swift changed to a sparkly red jacket and a matching red and black ombre one-piece shorts set underneath. This look resembled a more mature version of the ringleader costume she wore on tour in 2013. She finished off the look with a marching red guitar that was absolutely perfect for the Red era. 



On night two Swift also performed a bonus song which was 'State of Grace' from her album 'Red'. For this song she wore a green dress, that was more simple and laid back. It featured ruffle detailing and just the slightest hint of sparkle. 



Next Swift performed songs from 'Folklore' live for the first time. For this era she switched over to a softer more simple lavender dress. Perhaps the highlight of the dress was the flowy sleeves and ruffles. For night two the singer wore a similar white dress that also featured ruffles and flowy sleeves. The delicateness and lightness of both dresses was very fitting for the Folklore era. 



Switching things up once again Swift shifted into the 1989 era. For this era Swift wore a fuchsia two piece set complete with fringe and sparkles. This set was another set by Roberto Cavalli. It was very reminiscent of the sets she wore during the 1989 tour. For night two she wore a similar set, but she traded the fuschia for green. Of course she finished the look off with another pair of custom Louboutins. 



For the next outfit change she revisited her debut album with a performance of her song 'Tim McGraw'. For this she wore a magenta dress with ruffle sleeves and subtle beading. The simplicity of the dress was perfect for this acoustic performance. 



For the end of the concert Swift switched over to her most recent era the Midnights era. The first song she performed was 'Lavender Haze' so it was only fitting that the singer wear a lavender coat. She layered the coat over a sequin t-shirt dress. The fur coat was very reminiscent of the one she wears in the song's music video and perfect for the first live performance of the song. 



Swift then changed into a bedazzled Oscar De La Renta bodysuit complete with crystals. The bodysuit was in none other than a midnight blue color perfect for her Midnights era. She finished off the look with yet another pair of custom Louboutin boots in the same midnight blue color. 



She couldn't finish off the show without changing her look one more time. So for the final song of the night 'Karma' she threw on a sparkly fringe jacket overtop of the bodysuit. On night one she wore a rainbow jacket and on night two she wore a purple one. The look was the perfect look to close the show.