Worth It Wednesday: UltaBeautyxMarvel


Worth It Wednesday: UltaBeautyxMarvel

Each Wednesday I will be writing a post called Worth It Wednesday, basically I'll review a makeup/beauty/fashion product (or in this case collection) and help you decide if it is worth it to purchase it. Today I'll be reviewing the UltaBeautyxMarvel Collection. 

On Sunday my bestie sent me an Insta dm with a photo that Ulta Beauty had posted of the UltaBeautyxMarvel collection. My initial reaction was that it was an April Fool's Day joke (one day early), but upon further investigating I realized the collection was 100% real and that is when I made it my mission in life to purchase the collection (or at least most of it). At the time I was eating a restaurant that was only minutes away from Ulta, but unfortunately they close early on Sunday so I couldn't make it to the store on time. That night I hopped on the Ulta website picked out my favorite items and ordered them making sure to choose the rush shipping option because I'm ridiculously impatient. 


Yesterday my package arrived in the late afternoon and to say I was excited to open everything is the understatement of the century. I was like a kid on Christmas and the fact that they released a new trailer for Avengers Endgame, and I was able to purchase my tickets for the movie on the same day only added to my excitement. The items I purchased were the eyeshadow palette, highlight palette, matte lipstick in out of this world, matte lipstick in supercharged, lip gloss in invincible, lip gloss in dream team, round top clutch and weekender bag. I also ordered an extra highlight palette for Riza because she's part of my Marvel Movie Squad and I def wanted to share the Marvel love with her.  


I'm going to give my initial reaction to everything on this blog post, but for a full in depth review you can also check out my Youtube Channel called Kennedy Castillo where I'll be uploading a review video of the collection. 


Marvel's Avengers Eyeshadow Palette- Initially I couldn't help, but notice the similarity between this palette and the Colourpop palettes specifically the Disney Princess Designer palette. Online the colors did not work me too much, but in person the palette has a nice range of colors. There are a few greens and blues that aren't too crazy for beginners, but can add a nice pop of color to any look and of course a great range of neutral earth tones. One of my favorite colors in the palette is a shimmery copper gold called Game Changer. The names are all somewhat generic and not very Marvel specific. Personally if I was designing the palette I would've added colors like a gold called captain marvel, silver called vibranium, black called black widow and other similar shades. In terms of the packaging the outside of the palette reads "courageous, tenacious, fearless, legendary" and the entire palette gives me quantum realm vibes (spoiler?). In general I liked the colors in the palette and the packaging, but would've loved for it to be more specific to Marvel, Avengers Endgame and the collection as a whole. 


Marvel's Avengers Highlight Palette- The packaging on this palette is identical to the packaging of the eyeshadow palette, which I like because it makes the collection very cohesive. I was actually SHOOK by the highlighters in the palette, they are blinding. I've never used a highlighter from the Ulta Beauty brand  before so I didn't expect much from this palette as far as being blinding but OMG was I pleasantly surprised. I also liked that there is a good range of highlight shades so al my ladies from Titan to Wakanda can have a highlight that suits their skintone. I also preferred the names on this palette like "Become a Legend" and "Prepare to Be Amazed" (I'm so prepared to be amazed by Endgame btw). Overall I was very impressed by this palette and while I still feel like it could've been more specific I can't hate on it. 


Liquid Lipsticks- There are a total of 4 liquid lipsticks in this collection, your girl's not trying to break the band though so I purchased 2. The colors I purchased were "Super Charged" and "Out of This World", and both names give me total Captain Marvel/Guardians/Thor vibes because do the whole other planet implications. One of them was more of a berry and the other a dusty rose color. I don't have too much to say about these because I'm a total liquid lipstick girl (thanks to Kylie) so I pretty much love all liquid lipstick. The one thing I'll say is that I wish their was a wider selection of colors for this product, because most of the colors were in the deep berry or deep rose range. I really liked the packaging on these because they have the Avengers logo and other character logos like the Thor Hammer and Black Widow logo on them, which is super cute. 


Lip Gloss- Again I purchased 2 of the 4 colors in this collection. The colors I purchased are Invincible and Dream Team. One of them is a shimmery icy pink orange shade and the other is not shimmery and it is a deep rose color. I'm not much of a lipstick gloss girl, but I do really like these. I also like that they aren't clear or super sheer because I love pigment. Just like with the liquid lipsticks I don't have much to say about these. 


Weekender Bag- I've been wanting a travel makeup bag for the longest time, so when I saw this one it was more of a necessity than a want (or maybe that's jus what I told myself). The bag has two compartments for makeup and seems spacious enough to fit a few palettes and whatever other makeup you'd normally take on vacation (even if you pack a ton of makeup like I do). The bag is also flat so it could easily fit into a suitcase or other travel bag. The one complaint I have about this bag is that aside from the wording "courageous, tenacious, fearless, legendary" and quantum realm like pattern like on the palettes it doesn't really have anything on it that defines it as Marvel or Avengers. Unlike the palettes it doesn't even have the avengers logo on it. As someone who needed a travel makeup bag I really liked it, but with that being said it doesn't scream Marvel so you could totally buy a bag just like this somewhere else. 


Round Top Clutch- Call me silly for thinking a makeup bag is my favorite thing in the collection, but it's true. This bag is small like for a purse the highlight palette fits comfortably inside it but the eyeshadow palette does not fit. The outside of the bag features Captain Marvel Carol Danvers front in center and off to the side Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain America. The heroes on the bag made it the most personalized Marvel item in my opinion. I would've like to see the other original Avengers on the bag too (Thor and Hawkeye) but I'll forgive that because I'm obsessed with the bag. I'll definitely be keeping it in my purse and I think it'll fit all the essential like powder, oil blotting sheets, lipstick, lip gloss and any other makeup I need in my bag. 


Overall- I don't think it would even be possible for me to dislike a Marvel's Avengers makeup collection, because if I'm obsessed with anything it's Marvel and makeup (okay maybe the Hunger Games too.. but that's a different story). With that being said I think the quality of the makeup is great especially for it being Ulta Beauty brand and not one of the bigger makeup brands, but I think it could have been better thought out and incorporated Marvel, The Avengers and Endgame more. I would've liked to see more products with The Avengers on them like the round top clutch makeup bag. I also would've liked to have seen more of the marvel ladies on the products we saw Black Widow and Captain Marvel but we totally missed Valkyrie, O'Koye and Nebula and not to mention the dusted characters like The Wasp, Gamora, Scarlett Witch and Shuri. I also would've liked the shade names to be more specific to the collection because most names were too generic and not very specific to Marvel, and who knows maybe I'll understand the names more after the movie but for now they don't seem specific to Marvel. 


Is It Worth It? 

Totally worth it! I feel like I was very harsh on the collection throughout this post, but it's only because I expect great things from Marvel. With that being said the most important thing is the quality of the makeup and the quality of the makeup surpassed my expectation. So if you're buying this collection for the quality of the makeup, because you love collecting makeup, you love collecting Marvel merch or you just want to try it out for yourself then I think it is completely worth it. If you want something very specific to Marvel though or are trying to save money I'd say skip out on this collection.