Tips For Styling A Mask


Tips For Styling A Mask

While this year’s fashion trends include loungewear and tie-dye clothing there is also another new item that tops the list: a mask. Sometimes it feels like having to wear a mask is the fastest way to ruin an outfit. Luckily since masks are here to stay for an indefinite amount of time I’ve decided to share all my tips for styling a mask but first I thought I’d answer a few questions related to wearing a mask.  



Do I Have To Wear A Mask Every Time I Leave The House? 

The short answer is yes. Even though wearing a mask can be annoying the truth of the matter is that it would be a lot more annoying to catch Covid-19 because you decided wearing a mask was beneath you. Additionally you’re not only protecting yourself but others as well because without a mask you could potentially be spreading the virus to others especially if you’re unaware that you have. Of course if you absolutely refuse to wear a mask you do have another option, which is to stay home. 


What Kind of Mask Should I Be Wearing? 

I’m not a professional but from what I understand it is recommended to wear one of two masks. Either a disposable mask usually sold in a pack or a cloth mask either homemade or purchased. N95 or other similar masks might seem more protective, but the reality is those masks should be left for the healthcare workers. 


How Should My Mask Fit? 

Again I’m not a professional, but from what I’ve been told the most important thing is that your mask covers your nose and your mouth. It should also fit snuggly, because if it is too loose that defeats the purpose. Typically cloth masks will have a sizing chart especially if you order online, the best advice I can give in terms of the fit of a mask is to follow the size chart and purchase whatever size you think coincides with your measurements. Also keep in mind that people with smaller faces might be better off wearing a kid sized mask. 


Where Can I Buy A Mask?

It seems like these days masks are sold just about anywhere. It doesn’t make a difference where you purchase your mask in terms of quality because as long as your nose and mouth are covered any mask will do the job. In terms of size, comfort and style there are plenty of places you can shop for masks. Target sells kid sized masks in a two pack for less than $5 and the best part is the fabric is thin enough so that it is still breathable, Amazon has a huge selection of masks in all sizes and you can even buy 4 packs of mask so you can give some to your family or keep them for yourself so you can have color options, Dressbarn has a selection of masks for those of us who don’t want to sacrifice fashion and Talking Out Of Turn has masks with the cutest designs and a unique fit that I prefer over any other mask I own. Of course you could always get crafty and make your own masks out of fabric too. 


Now for the style tips- 


Style Tip #1: Match your mask to your outfit. Several stores like Forever21 and. Dazey LA even sell matching sets that include matching tops, bottoms and masks. If you don't want to or can’t find a matching set you can purchase masks in different colors so that you can match each outfit to a mask. 
Style Tip #2: Instead of a mask use a scarf to give your outfit more of a fashionable appearance. You can find tutorials on Youtube or other websites that teach you how to tie a scarf so that it is just as effective as a mask. 


Style Tip #3: If you're as extra as I am then you need a mask that is just as extra as you are. You can find designer masks with sequins, glitter, lace and other embellishments. A designer mask is a simple way to bring your outfit up a notch. 


Style Tip #4: If you don’t want to draw attention to your mask try wearing a neutral mask in a color that matches your skin tone. A neutral colored mask won’t take attention away from your outfit. 


Style Tip #5: Wear some bold eye makeup. Since masks tend to cover at least 50% of your makeup wearing bold eye makeup is a good way to draw attention to your face even when the rest of your makeup isn't visible. Graphic eyeliner, bright colored eyeshadow and shimmery eyeshadow are all great makeup techniques that will draw attention to your eyes. 


Style Tip #6: Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Just because you’re wearing a mask doesn’t mean you can’t wear big earrings or a sparkly hair clip too. Wearing accessories with your mask might seem like a lot, but don’t fret adding additional accessories is fashionable not over the top. 


Style Tip #7: Match your mask to your accessories. For example if you're wearing light pink or black accessories such as belts, sunglasses or purses try wearing a mask in the same color. Even if the accent color doesn’t match the entire outfit it can be a good way to tie in your accessories for an extra put together look. 


Style Tip #8: Try incorporating a mask chain into your look. Mask chains are the newest accessory that hold your mask around your neck so that you can keep your mask around your neck during moments when you need to take it off like when you're driving. You can also find cute chains that match your jewelry to complete your outfit.