Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfits


Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfits

This weekend Taylor Swift kicked off her much anticipated Eras Tour in Glendale, Arizona. The setlist included 44 songs that spanned three hours and over 70,000 people were in attendance. More people attended night 1 of the tour than this year's Super Bowl. Swift even broke Madonna's record for most attended female concert in U.S. history. The real star of the show though was the 16+ costume changes (over two nights) that included custom Versace, Oscar De La Renta, Roberto Cavalli and Louboutins. For those of you (like myself) who weren't able to attend the show, I've broken down every outfit Taylor Swift wore during night 1 and night 2 of the Eras Tour: 















Swift kicked off the show in a custom sparkly Atelier Versace bodysuit. On night one she wore a pink and blue bodysuit and on night two she wore a blue and gold bodysuit. While wearing this she sang songs from her album 'Lover'. The look was inspired by the pastels and sparkles that the singer was known for wearing during her Lover era. 





She changed into her second look of the night to sing 'The Man' a song that is also from her 'Lover' album. This look was also custom Versace. The look consisted of a sparkly blazer inspired by the blazer she wears in the music video for the song. On night 1 she wore a silver blazer and night 2 she wore a black one. While in this look she also took the opportunity to show off her custom Louboutin boots that are rumored to have a value of $20,000. 







After that the singer took us back in time to her Fearless era, singing classics like 'You Belong with Me' and 'Love Story'. During this era Swift was known for wearing gold so its only fitting that she wear a gold Roberto Cavalli mini dress for this part of the concert. She completed the looks with a sparkly guitar similar to the one she used during the Fearless era. For night two Swift wore another gold dress with silver at the bottom. It featured a similar silhouette as the dress she wore night one, but was definitely a more mature look. 



Next she switched over to the Evermore era. The singer released 'Evermore' in 2020 amidst the pandemic so it was her first time performing it live. For this look she traded sparkles for a more laid back orange dress that was very fitting for the vibe of the album. The dress featured corset detailing and subtle gold embellishments. 



Changing up the tone Swift switched over to her Reputation era. For this era she wore a one sleeved bodysuit reminiscent of the one she wore back in 2018, and very fitting for the era. The bodysuit was black and red, two colors that were very common of Swift during this era. It also featured a snake detailing perfect for the era. 




Once again changing the tone she switched to her Speak Now era. She only sang one song from the era, which is 'Enchanted', but she did manage to switch to a gorgeous ballgown for this song. The ballgown was very reminiscent of the gold Valentino gown she wore during her tour in 2011. On night one she wore a gold Nicole+Felicia Couture ballgown and on night two she wore a pink ballgown. Both ballgowns looked like they were fit for royalty. 



After that she switched to her Red era, with not one but two looks. For the first look she recreated the look from her '22' music video. A sparkly t-shirt with a black bowler hat and black shorts. On night one the shirt read "A lot going on at the moment" and on night 2 the shirt read "Who's Taylor Swift anyway ew". 



For the second Red era look Swift changed to a sparkly red jacket and a matching red and black ombre one-piece shorts set underneath. This look resembled a more mature version of the ringleader costume she wore on tour in 2013. She finished off the look with a marching red guitar that was absolutely perfect for the Red era. 



On night two Swift also performed a bonus song which was 'State of Grace' from her album 'Red'. For this song she wore a green dress, that was more simple and laid back. It featured ruffle detailing and just the slightest hint of sparkle. 



Next Swift performed songs from 'Folklore' live for the first time. For this era she switched over to a softer more simple lavender dress. Perhaps the highlight of the dress was the flowy sleeves and ruffles. For night two the singer wore a similar white dress that also featured ruffles and flowy sleeves. The delicateness and lightness of both dresses was very fitting for the Folklore era. 



Switching things up once again Swift shifted into the 1989 era. For this era Swift wore a fuchsia two piece set complete with fringe and sparkles. This set was another set by Roberto Cavalli. It was very reminiscent of the sets she wore during the 1989 tour. For night two she wore a similar set, but she traded the fuschia for green. Of course she finished the look off with another pair of custom Louboutins. 



For the next outfit change she revisited her debut album with a performance of her song 'Tim McGraw'. For this she wore a magenta dress with ruffle sleeves and subtle beading. The simplicity of the dress was perfect for this acoustic performance. 



For the end of the concert Swift switched over to her most recent era the Midnights era. The first song she performed was 'Lavender Haze' so it was only fitting that the singer wear a lavender coat. She layered the coat over a sequin t-shirt dress. The fur coat was very reminiscent of the one she wears in the song's music video and perfect for the first live performance of the song. 



Swift then changed into a bedazzled Oscar De La Renta bodysuit complete with crystals. The bodysuit was in none other than a midnight blue color perfect for her Midnights era. She finished off the look with yet another pair of custom Louboutin boots in the same midnight blue color. 



She couldn't finish off the show without changing her look one more time. So for the final song of the night 'Karma' she threw on a sparkly fringe jacket overtop of the bodysuit. On night one she wore a rainbow jacket and on night two she wore a purple one. The look was the perfect look to close the show.