Little Mermaid (2023) Premiere Best Dressed


Little Mermaid (2023) Premiere Best Dressed

One of the most anticipated movies of the year is 'The Little Mermaid' set to be released on May 26th. The movie is the live action take on the 1989 animated film of the same name. On Monday, stars of the movie as well as invited guests attended the movie's premiere. With so many celebrities in attendance, it's no wonder there were so many great fashion moments. Here are all the best dressed stars from the premiere of 'The Little Mermaid': 

1. Halle Bailey: 



It's not surprise that the Little Mermaid herself, Halle Bailee was one of the best dressed of the night. The film's star opted to wear a metallic blue Valdrin Sahiti gown. The choice to wear blue was perfect for a mermaid, and very reminiscent of the blue dress Ariel wears in the original film. The metallic material created a liquid effect, that mimics water. The strapless gown also features shell shaped cups on the bodice, meant to mimic the shells Ariel wears when she's in her mermaid form. The gown was glamorous and very in style, but it features several subtle  to Ariel.


2. Jodi Benson:



Next on the best dressed is the original Little Mermaid, Jodi Benson. The Disney legend wore  a white gown complete with a long train. While the new Little Mermaid Halle wore a dress reminiscent of Ariel's blue dress, the OG Little Mermaid Jodi wore a dress reminiscent of Ariel's wedding dress. Her gown was elegant, classic and timeless. It was very age appropriate and she definitely embodied an underwater bride. 


3. Chloe Bailey: 


Of course the Little Mermaid (Halle)'s sister was in attendance to show her sisterly support. Chloe proved once again that the Bailey sisters are some of the best dressed at every event. For the premiere she opted to wear a bright yellow dress, that resembles the color of Flounder the fish from the original movie. The fitted gown featured a risqué cutout that added an element of drama to the overall look. It also features crystal embellishments that resemble seashells. Overall the singer was perfectly dressed for the event. 


4. Daveed Diggs:


Diggs who plays the voice of Sebastian the crab in the new movie was another one of the best dressed at the premiere. He opted to wear a two piece suit covered in multi-colored sequins. The pattern of the suit mimics seaweed and the sequins gives an underwater look. It was refreshing to see a man go out of his comfort suit and wear something that isn't just a black suit. His bold fashion choice was a good move, and it definitely paid off.


5. Stephanie Beatriz: 


Ariel wasn't the only Disney Princess in attendance, Stephanie Beatriz the voice of Mirabel (yes she counts as a princess) from Encanto was also in attendance. She stunned in an iridescent light pink strapless hi-low style gown. The gown featured a big bow on the bodice which fanned out into a train. The gown looks like it was made for  the little mermaid herself. Overall the look was elegant, fun and very fitting for the premiere.  


6. Markell Washington: 


Social media sensation Markell Washington, did not hold back when choosing his look for the premiere. He opted for dual-colored black and lavender colored suit. The lavender color was a great choice, and resembles the color of Ariel's tail. The double colored jacket is unique, and very stylist. He kept the look more laid-back by wearing sneakers, which added an element of casualness to the look. Overall the look was bold choice, but it was perfect for the event. 


7. Skai Jackson:


Also in attendance was the young actress Skai Jackson. She wore a long pink gown with multiple cutouts. The cutouts were perfectly placed and gave the effect of a mermaid tail and seashell bra. The long skirt is placed in a way that gives the appearance of a mermaid tail. Meanwhile the positioning of the top paired with the cutouts looks like a mermaid's seashell bra. The pink color was also a great choice for the Spring/Summer season and compliments her skin tone perfectly. 


8. Patrick Starrr: 



The influencer might be known for his makeup skills, but this time it was his dress that stole the show. He definitely channeled his inner Ursula with a purple dress that resembled the color of Ursula's skin in the original film. The bold purple color was eye catching, in the best way. The dress lays ruffles, leather, tulle and a variety of materials to create a whimsical under the sea affect. Of course he is known for his turbans, so he paired the dress with a matching turban that completed the look.


9. Kelly Rowland: 


Spring is the perfect time to experiment with bright colors, and Kelly Rowland did just that for the premiere. She wore a floor length multi-colored gown. The green, blue and pink colors of the dress are fun and playful for the spring. The dress also featured a cutout around her midriff, which once again mimicked a mermaid's seashell bra top, making it perfect for the event. 


10. Offset, Kulture and Kalea: 


Many celebrities attended the premiere with their children, but none were better dressed than Offset and his daughters Kulture and Kalea. The rapper wore a white jacket with pearl detailing and a black armband, which looked like something Michael Jackson would have worn when he was alive. Meanwhile his daughter Kulture who he shares with wife Cardi B wore a black gown with white flower detailing and a tiara perfect for any princess. Kalea who the rapper shares with ex Shya L'amour wore the same gown as her sister, but with inverted colors. Overall all three of them looked like royalty and the coordinating colors, were a sweet family touch. 





As an added bonus here's an extra picture of both Little Mermaids together at the premiere. Halle appears to have changed into a second look this time a sea foam green gown with silver beading and  sheer detailing. Individually Halle and Jodie were already best dressed, but together they stole the show. Not to mention they looked like they were wearing two of Ariel's looks from the original movie (her blue dress and her wedding gown).