Margot Robbie's Barbie Inspired Fashion


Margot Robbie's Barbie Inspired Fashion

The upcoming Barbie movie, which officially premieres on July 21st is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. As anticipation for the movie builds people everywhere are being inspired by the iconic doll. Brands like Cotton On, Joy Bird, Tangle Teezer, Crocs, Bohoo, Fossil, Forever 21, GAP, NYX Cosmetics, Impala Roller Skates, CHI Hair, Aldo, Rue 21 and  PacSun (to name a few) have collabed with Barbie. It's not surprise with that with all the brand collabs people everywhere are turning to Barbie for fashion inspiration. 


Someone who has taken the most inspiration from the iconic doll is the star of the movie herself Margot Robbie who plays Barbie. During press events and premieres for the movie she has re-created some of the doll's most iconic looks. Here is your guide to every Barbie look Margot Robbie has re-created so far: 


Promotion for the Barbie movie started earlier this year Cinema Con. For the event Margot took inspiration from the Barbie the movie Barbie that is on sale now. She wore a pink gingham pattern just like her doll. The doll features a more classic 50's inspired dress, but Margot updated the outfit and opted for a two piece crop top and skirt set. The doll itself is wearing Mattel brand, but Margot's set is Prada. 



The first stop on the official press tour for the movie was Seoul, Korea. While doing press in Korea, Margot took inspiration from the 1964 Sparkling Pink Barbie. She wore a skirt and jacket set similar to the one the doll wore as well as headpiece that is almost identical to the one worn by the doll. It would be impossible to re-create the Sparkling Pink Barbie without wearing some sparkle, and she did just that keeping the sparkly beading that the doll wore. She upgraded the look with a brighter pink color that was bold and perfect for the summer. She also modernized the look a bit by shortening the skirt and pairing it with a crop top. Margot's look wasn't made by Mattel but rather the iconic whimsical brand Moschino and her jewelry was from Tiffany and Co. 




For the premiere of the movie in Seoul, Margot took inspiration from the 1985 Day to Night Barbie. Just like the doll herself, Margot wore two different looks that are perfect for day to night. Barbie is known for being a career woman so for the daytime look both the doll and Margot donned a pink suit complete with hat, phone and purse. For the nighttime look Margot re-created the doll's look with a sparkly bodice and tulle skirt. Both looks are so classic Barbie and such fun looks for the red carpet. Margot's nighttime look was made by Versace. 




The next stop on the press tour was Mexico City, there Margot took inspiration from the Totally Hair 25th Anniversary Doll. She wore a dress with a very similar psychedelic pattern as the one the doll originally wore. She nailed the look right down to the accessories, wearing hot pink earrings similar to the ones the doll wore. Margot's hair might not have been quite as long as the hair we see on the doll, but she did mimics the wavy hairstyle the doll wore. 




For the premiere of the movie in Mexico City, Margot re-created Earring Magic Barbie's 1993 look. She wore a hot pink mini dress with a chain belt complete with stars, that was almost identical to the one the doll wore. Of course it wouldn't be Earring Magic Barbie without some big earrings. Margot's earrings might not have been quite as big as the ones the doll wears, but they still made a statement. Just like the earrings the doll wears Margot's earrings also featured big silver stars. 




While doing press for the movie Margot took inspiration from a newer Barbie doll, the 2015 Pink and Fabulous Barbie. She added a twist to the pink polka dot look by adding a midriff cutout to the dress. She didn't miss a single detail, and even accessorized with a yellow purse just like the one the doll has. Her dress is from the fashion haus that basically invented the color pink Valentino. 




For the world premiere of the movie Margot mimicked the Barbie Solo in the Spotlight doll from 1960. Margot's look was a custom black gown from Schiaparelli. Many fans were shocked that she didn't wear pink to the world premiere, but I think this look was the perfect unexpected choice for the premiere, and it definitely made her stand out positively. The gown is very old Hollywood complete with the long gloves. She didn't miss a single detail, the bottom of the dress features a single red rose just like the one the doll wore and she holds a pink hanky just like the one the doll held. It's evident that both Margot and the Solo in the Spotlight Barbie were made for the spotlight.  




Most recently for the premiere of the movie in Europe, Margot took inspiration from the 1960 Enchanted Evening Barbie. She wore a floor length pink Vivienne Westwood gown. Just like the doll her bodice featured a corset and was complete with a white fur around her shoulders. Both Margot and the Enchanted Evening Barbie look glamorous and perfect for any red carpet.