Oscars After Parties 2024 Best Dressed


Oscars After Parties 2024 Best Dressed

All the best dressed from the Oscars After Parties 2024. 

This past Sunday the 96th Academy Awards (Oscars) took place. The night was a gathering of the biggest stars in Hollywood and celebrated some of the best films including ‘Oppenheimer’, ‘Poor Things’, ‘Anatomy of a Fall’, ‘Barbie’,’American Fiction’ and more. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the show and there were plenty of stand out moments. John Cena presented the award for Best Costume Design in the nude, Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas brought people to tears with her performance of ‘What Was I Made For’, ‘Becky G’ brought some Latina pride to the show with her performance of ‘The Fire Inside’ and perhaps the highlight of the night was Ryan Gosling’s performance of ‘I’m Just Ken’. The night didn’t end when the award ceremony did though, in fact it was only the beginning. The Oscars red carpet was all about glamour and class, but the rules of fashion went out the window for the after parties. This year there were two official after parties hosted by Vanity Fair and the Elton John Aids Foundations respectively. Practically of Hollywood attended the after parties including dozens of celebrities that weren’t even at the actual award show. Some celebrities nailed their after party looks by pushing the envelope while others nailed their looks by following current trends. Here are my favorite looks from the 2024 Oscars After Parties: 

First up the best looks from the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party: 

Margot Robbie



Many fans of Margot were upset when The Academy “snubbed” her and did not nominate her for Best Actress, however one thing fans could all agree on is that she nailed her after party look. She opted to wear a gold corset bodysuit complete with plenty of sparkles. The bodysuit is from the Mugler spring/summer 1996 collection. She accessorized the looks with simple strappy gold heels and a deep gold cape draped over her arms. The bodysuit itself looked like it belonged on stage at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, but it was definitely a unique and playful look for the after party. 


Gabrielle Union



Sparkles were definitely everywhere at the after parties and Gabrielle Union shined with a silver sparkly Zuhair Murad floor length dress. The dress featured a halter silhouette and was backless for the perfect amount of elegance with just a hint of uniqueness. She kept the accessories to a minimum and slicked back her hair to keep all the focus on the dazzling silver dress.

Anya Taylor Joy 



After parties are all about experimenting and Anya Taylor Joy experimented by wearing a unique take on a classic black mini dress. The dress is by up and coming South Korean designer Sohee Park’s label Miss Sohee from the 2021 collection. While the dress itself is a classic silhouette it features a sheer bustier with silver detailing for added drama and sleeves that cascade down into gloves. She accessorized the look with larger teardrop pearl earrings and perhaps the star of the look a silver embellished headpiece. Overall the look pushed the envelope for a playful and fun after party look. 


America Ferrera 



While the star of the ‘Barbie’ movie opted for a pink dress for the award show she opted for a bolder red color for the after party. America Ferrera wore a red sparkly custom Versace jacket to the after party. The look featured classic feminine elements such as sparkly embellishments and the silver necklace she wore. It also demonstrated power with its bold silhouette. She paired the look with black tights and matching black heels, which kept the focus on the bold red color. Overall she stood out in the best way at the after party. 

Sydney Sweeney 



At first sight the young star’s after party look might remind you of Marilyn Monroe, however Sydney Sweeney was actually embodying another star with her after party look. Sydney wore an off-white dress with a plunging neckline, which Angelina Jolie wore to the Oscars in 2004. The dress embodied old Hollywood and classic elegance. Overall it was fitting for one of Hollywood’s brightest young starlets. 


Renee Rapp



Renee Rapp arrived at the after party in a flowy off-white dress that featured a plunging neckline and a thigh high slit. She paired the dress with black tights that peeked through the slit and matching black heels that created a contrast with the off-white color of the dress itself. She kept the jewelry simple wearing only a simple chain necklace. Overall the look was perfect for an after party balancing the laidback style of an after party with the elegant style of an award shows. 

Hailee Steinfeld 



Hailee Steinfeld wore light blue for the award ceremony but for the after party she opted for a classic black look. The base of the dress features a timeless floor-length silhouette with a scoop neckline. The middle of the dress is where the drama comes from though, featuring a big ruffle detail and a belt with gold detailing above it. Overtop of the dress she added a black jacket that brought the look together. As for accessories she wore a gold chain necklace that paired perfectly with the gold detailing of her belt. Overall she paired classic timeless elements with bold unique details for the perfect after party look. 

Ariana Greenblatt 



Another star who opted to wear black to the after party is Ariana Greenblatt. She wore a custom Vera Wang floor length gown with a plunging neckline. The base of the dress itself is a classic fitted skirt, but overtop is an overskirt to give the illusion of a fuller ballgown style dress. The straps of the dress wrap around her neck and the back of the dress features flower detailing that moves from the shoulders down her spine. Overall the dress is a timeless style with some bold detailing. 



Kendall Jenner



Several of the Kardashian/Jenner girls attended the after party, but it was Kendall Jenner who was one of the best dressed of the night. She wore a Maison Margiela sheer black gown. Underneath the gown she wore a nude corset. The look combined two of the biggest fashion trends right now, sheer dresses and corsets. Overall the look perfectly combined current trends and was just risqué enough to make it one of the best dressed looks of the night. 

Issa Rae 



Not one but two movies that starred Issa Rae ‘Barbie’ and ‘Spider-Man Across The Spiderverse’ were nominated for awards, but it was her after party look that really deserved an award. She wore a floor length black gown, the silhouette of the gown was simple with a sweetheart neckline. The dress also featured whimsical white detailing at the shoulders and back that gave the illusion of a large bow being wrapped around her. Overall the look was a bold take on a classic look. 

Sofia Vergara



Black gowns were very popular at the after party and Sofia Vergara’s black gown was one of the best. Her fitted floor-length gown featured a sweetheart neckline, a cutout at the center and two bows for an added element. She kept accessories to a minimum, shifting the focus to the elegant gown. Overall the gown featured a timeless style with a hint of playful elements (the bows and cutout), which mad it perfect for the after party. 

Camila Mendes



Camila Mendes wore a black floor length gown that fanned out at the bottom creating a voluminous skirt and a bit of a train. In place of a bodice she wore gold flowers that wrapped around her neck and covered her breasts. The gold flowers featured glitter and elaborate detailing that included leaves and vines creating a risqué but unique and very fashionable look. 

Jessica Alba



Among the popular elements of the night were flowers and Jessica Alba’s after party perfectly added flower detailing to her dress. She wore a floor length sparkling silver dress with off the shoulder sleeves, a sweetheart neckline and flower embellishments along the top and side of the dress. The sparkling silver color of the dress stood out in the best possible way. The flower detailing added a delicate feminine detail to the overall look. She opted to not wear any jewelry letting the sparkles from the dress speak for themselves. Overall the look was fun and perfect for the after party. 

Yara Shahidi 



Yara Shahidi is one of the biggest young stars at the moment and her after party dress perfectly balanced youthfulness and maturity. The dress was a floor length black lace fitted gown with spaghetti straps, lace fringe and sequins. At first glance the dress looks simple, but the more you look at it the more you notice the details and embellishments that really bring the look together. She paired the looks with simple loop earrings and a headband that pushed her hair back and emphasized the dress. 

Alexandra Daddario 



The gorgeous Alexandra Daddario wore an equally as gorgeous dress to the after party. She wore a floor length off-white gown, that looked like it was meant to match Sydney Sweeney’s dress. It featured a large bow at the top of the dress that dramatically wrapped around the back of the dress giving it volume and movement. Overall her look was reminiscent of old Hollywood. The look was classic and elegant with added drama making it perfect for the after party. 

Maitreyi Ramakrishanan 



While many celebrities opted to wear black or white to the after party Maitreyi Ramakrishnan chose to wear a more colorful look. She wore a floor length one-sleeve pink to orange ombre gown. The colors of the gown perfectly complimented her skin tone and hair color. The dress itself featured somewhat sheer fabric allowing her leg to peek through. The sleeve also draped over her arm and was open on one side allowing for movement. Overall the look was youthful, whimsical and playful making it the perfect trifecta for the after party. 

Sabrina Carpenter 



Fresh off a plane from Singapore after opening for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, Sabrina Carpenter arrived at the after party and was one of the best dressed of the night. She wore a black crocodile bodysuit that featured ruffle detailing at the top of her shoulder and a sheer sparkly skirt overtop. The look perfectly complimented Sabrina Carpenter’s personal style and incorporated current trends like bodysuits and sheer dresses. Overall the look was trendy and playful making it perfect for the after party. 

Paris Hilton 



Speaking of sheer gowns, Paris Hilton is another celebrity who wore a sheer gown to the after party. She wore a beige Sabina Bilenko gown that was covered in jewel and bead embellishments. The sheer dress and silver embellishments, made it look like she was dripping in jewels. She paired the dress with matching sheer gloves and a matching embellished necklace. Overall the look was exactly what you’d expect Paris Hilton to wear and featured sparkle and drama making it perfect for the after party. 

Laura Harrier



When it comes to The Oscars, Old Hollywood is the way to go and Laura Harrier’s after party perfectly embodied old Hollywood. She kept her after party look classic and simple with a floor length champagne colored gown that featured subtle sparkle detailing all over it. The plunging neckline allowed for her to wear a classic silver diamond necklace. To top off the look she wore her hair in waves and swept it to one side creating a classic old Hollywood style. 

Emily Blunt 



Emily Blunt opted for a simple but daring ballet pink floor length gown for the after party. The bodice of the dress featured boning that mimicked that of a corset or lingerie. The skirt part of the dress featured delicate feminine lace. She paired the gown with a sparkling pink clutch purse. Overall the pink color of the dress was feminine and the lace and boning were daring and bold. The look was unique and stood out among other looks at the after party. 

Eva Longoria 



Sparkles were all the rage at the after party and Eva Longoria’s after party dress was dripping in sparkles. She wore a floor length silver gown with mirror detailing, a plunging neckline and  and lots of sparkles. She wore matching silver earrings that kept the look monochromatic and emphasized the shimmer and sparkle of the dress. Overall the dress was flashy and exciting making it perfect for the after party. 

Irina Shayk 



Irina Shayk brought all the drama to the after party with her bold dramatic look. She wore a black bodysuit with a sheer voluminous skirt overtop, that brought volume and movement to the dress and resembled a tutu. She garters on both thighs that held up black stocking and matching black heels. The monochromatic black look had the potential to be boring, but the added volume and movement of the skirt made it dramatic and exciting for the after party. 

Este, Alana and Danielle Haim 



The Haim sisters are known for harmonizing when it comes to their music, but they also harmonized with coordinating black looks for the after party. Each of the sisters wore a black floor length gown. Este’s gown featured a silver bodice with cutouts around the waist. Alana’s gown featured a plunging neckline and delicately placed silver sparkles all over. Danielle’s dress featured a plunging neckline as well and a sheer skirt. The three sisters perfectly coordinated and allowed each of their individual styles to show through while still managing to be some of the best dressed of the night. 

Michelle Yeoh 



Last year’s best actress winner Michelle Yeoh was another one of the best dressed of the night. She wore an elegant fitted floor-length black gown with long sleeves and a plunging neckline. The top of the bodice featured gold detailing that added an extra element to the classic gown. Overall the gown was age appropriate but trendy and was perfect for the after party. 

Maude Apatow 



Maude Apatow’s after party look brought a youthful and playful energy to the after party. She wore a black Richard Quinn dress complete with sequins and a bow at the center of the waist. The skirt of the dress was fuller with volume giving it somewhat of a ballgown appearance. The black color of the dress was offset by the subtle sequin detailing and she paired it with simple silver jewelry. Overall her look was the elegant yet youthful. 


Phoebe Dynevor 



Plunging necklines are another trend in fashion right now and Phoebe Dynevor opted to wear a baby blue plunging neckline floor-length sheer dress with beaded embellishments. The lower part of the skirt was sheer incorporating another big fashion trend right now, the sheer dress trend. The baby blue color of the dress was unique and made her stand out among the other after party attendees. Overall the look was delicate and feminine. 

Hunter Shafer 



Hunter Shafer brought a new meaning to timeless elegance with her after party look. She wore a floor length black gown with a thigh high cutout, matching long black gloves and black heels. The monochromatic black look was simple but elegant. The look embodied old Hollywood style and proved that sometimes less really is more. Not everyone could pull off a simple classic look like this one, but Hunter Shafer did and she managed to be one of the best dressed of the night. 


Kerry Washington 



On the opposite end of the spectrum we have the more is more look and Kerry Washington’s after party look took more is more to the next level. She wore a floor length black gown that fanned out into a more voluminous skirt toward the bottom complete with sheer fabric on the skirt, ruffles at the neckline, a bow at the waist and silver embellishments throughout. Despite its many intricate embellishments and details the dress still managed to be elegant. She paired the look with a silver necklace and silver earrings adding extra elegance to the look, but not overpowering the dress. 

Alessandra Ambrosio 



White gowns were all the rage at this year’s after party and Alessandra Ambrosio’s white gown was one of the best of the night. She wore a floor length fitted white gown with a high neckline and draped sleeves. The dress also featured draped detailing that started around the neckline and flowed down the side of it. The white color of the dress made it clean and timeless, while the draping details added a subtle hint of drama. Overall the look was perfect for the after party with its balance of timelessness and uniqueness. 

Kylie Minogue 



An after party is a great time to experiment with color and Kylie Minogue did just that. She wore a floor length sparkly gown with a bright green bodice and a blue skirt. She kept the silhouette and embellishments of the dress simple and experimented with the blue and green colors. She was daring enough to experiment with colors and it paid off by making her stand out in the best way at the after party. 

Jessica Biel 



Jessica Biel wore a royal blue floor length gown with long sleeves, a high neckline and complete with a dramatic cape. The royal blue color of the dress was a bold choice that paid off. The cap brought drama and playfulness to the after party and added movement to the simple silhouette of the dress. She completed the look with a silver necklace, and although it’s not always a good choice to wear a necklace with a high neckline it was a fabulous choice in this case. Overall the look was simple and elegant with just a hint of drama and a bold color. 



The Vanity Fair after party wasn’t the only after party. The Elton John Aids Foundation also hosts an after party each year, and this year was no exception. There were a few standout looks at this after party as well and its worth showcasing them. Here are the best dressed from the Elton John Aids Foundation Oscars After Party: 

Heidi Klum 



Heidi Klum is a fashion icon and her after party look further enforced this. The dress featured a black bodysuit style bodice with dramatic off the shoulder sleeves and a sparkling sheer skirt that showed off her legs. The sheer skirt covered in silver sparkles incorporated current fashion trends and was ever so slightly risqué, while the black bodice with its dramatic sleeves were elegant. The look was the perfect balance of elegant and playful making it perfect for the after party. 

Tiffany Hadish 



Tiffany Hadish wore a black high low corset gown by Sophie Couture. The black color and full skirt were elegant and classic. Meanwhile the corset bodice is one of the biggest trends right now and the high low skirt made the look dramatic and playful. Overall the look incorporated current trends and classic elements with a bit of a twist.  

Sophia Bush 



Deep burgundy isn’t a color we saw on many celebrities, but it’s the color Sophia Bush wore to the after party and it was the perfect choice. She wore a deep burgundy Marmar Hamlin gown that featured a high slit and ruched detailing. She paired the gown with a silver necklace and matching silver earrings. Overall the look was simple yet elegant, but the thigh high slit of the dress added a bit of drama making it perfect for the after party. 

Elizabeth Hurley 



Everyone wants to sparkle and Elizabeth Hurley did just that with her after party look. She wore a gold sparkling Zuhair Murad gown with long sleeves, a thigh high slit and a deep plunging neckline. The head to toe gold glitter made her stand out. The gown elegance of the gown was very age appropriate but the glitter added a playful element to her look. She paired the gown with matching gold heels, a matching gold clutch purse and dramatic silver earrings to offset the gold. Overall the look stood out and was playful yet elegant. 


Katharine McPhee 



Katharine McPhee wore a floor length sheer gown with silver embellishments and black bow details on the straps. She incorporated the sheer gown trend that is currently all the rage with bows another big trend in fashion right now and of course silver embellishments because nothing is trending more that sparkling. She paired the gown with a black clutch purse that tied in the black bows of the dress seamlessly. Overall her look was very on trend and perfect for an after party. 

Nikki Garcia 



Nikki Garcia attended the after party in a bold off-the-shoulder red dress with a full ruffled skirt. The bold red color stood out among attendees and was the perfect choice for an after party. The voluminous red skirt covered in ruffles added drama to the look and the large silver choker necklace further emphasized the drama in the best way. Overall the look was bold, daring and dramatic in the best way. 


While the women definitely dominated the night in terms of fashion, there were also some men who deserved a place on the best dressed list. Any man who pushed the boundaries of men’s fashion and opts for something that isn’t a classic black suit or tuxedo deserves to be recognized. Here are the best dressed men at this year’s after parties: 

Lenny Kravitz 



If anyone is known for pushing the boundaries of men’s fashion and creating fashion trends, it’s Lenny Kravitz. For the after party he stuck with a perfectly tailored black jacket and matching black pants. Underneath the jacket he opted for a less than traditional white shirt that looked like something Prince would have worn. He added dramatic black sunglasses to the look in classic Lenny Kravitz style adding drama to the look. Overall the look combined his personal style, drama and classic styling making it perfect for the after party. 

Barry Keoghan 



It’s not often both halves of a celebrity couple make a best dressed list for the same event, but Barry Keoghan and his current girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter both did in this case. Barry wore black pants and white undershirt but the highlight of his look was the tweed jacket that resembled the men’s version of Channel’s classic tweed jackets. He accessorized the look with simple jewelry that elevated the overall look, including a handmade friendship bracelet with Sabrina’s name on it. Overall the look was daring and the jacket was a bold choice that paid off. 

Chris Evans 



While a men’s suit usually isn’t really pushing the boundaries of fashion, Chris Evans found a way to make his suit push the boundaries of fashion. He wore a typical men’s suit complete with a black tie but he pushed the boundaries by opting for bold red pants and a bold red jacket. The red color made him stand out and the bold move to choose a less than typical color was refreshing. 

Tan France 



Tan France is another men’s fashion icon and his after party look did not disappoint. He wore black pants paired with a gray jacket complete with a matching dramatic cape. His look was truly original and no one else wore anything that even came close to it. The dramatic cape added drama to the look, but the black pants and neutral gray color of the jacket kept the elegance of the look. Overall it was the perfect balance of elegance and drama 

Ncuti Gatwa



It was no surprise that one of the Kens from the ‘Barbie’ movie would also be one of the best dressed at the after party. Ncuti Gatwa wore a high neck silver chest-plate with black pants and his midriff peeking through. The look was a bold choice and definitely pushed the fashion envelope. He kept the pants and shoes sleek and classic while the chest-plate was a bold statement and a risky choice that definitely paid off. 


Overall the 96th annual Academy Awards were a night to remember, but it’s the fashion moments from the Vanity Fair After Party and the Elton John Aids Foundation After Party that we’re sure to never forget.